Quilted/Printed Reversible Coat


This lovely piece is two coats in one! Its a roomy straight silhouette and falls to a nice mid-thigh length. One side of it features beautiful quilting in a spiral pattern with a variegated rainbow thread, the other side is printed in rainbow colors. Choose your side based on your mood on a given day, you are absolutely going to rock it either way! Features a zip closure.

- Quilted side is cut from 100% heavy weight deadstock Viscose Twill.
- The batting inside is 100% wool, which is why its very warm.
- The printed side is made of 100% Organic Cotton Panama.
- Quilting done in collaboration with a small business in Netherlands, the coat is assembled and made in Ireland.
- We are now following the made-to-order model which means that when you place an order, we'll make it for you and ship it to you in 3 weeks time.*
- Please note, the sizes follow the standard UK size chart.

* We'd be able to ship this item after Christmas holidays.

Care Instructions: Its best to hand wash the coat with cold water and then leave it to air dry immediately after: printed side first!