Romz J is an aesthetic!

Slow Fashion

At Romz J, this means that every piece is designed with its utility and longevity in mind. We don't want to produce loads of styles, just a few really good ones with really good quality! The quantity we produce for each style is also limited, so once it's gone it wouldn't be restocked. This also brings an element of exclusivity to any Romz J garment you own.


Another very crucial thing on our agenda is the use of materials. While we do not claim to be 100% sustainable, we are quite mindful that plastics are bad. Because that's what polyester is. It never biodegrades in landfills, and keeps on damaging the planet forever. We don't want to work with anything that's not biodegradable, that is first on our list when it comes to fabrics! We are constantly on a look out for innovative alternatives to non-bio synthetics, but untill we find a good match; natural fibres are our goto!