It's been a year folks! My last post was about launching a new business into unprecedented circumstances; never heard before, never seen before! Imagine the anxiety and panic, that we were going through at that point. A complete uncertainty about what kind of response we should expect after launching the brand.
Worst fears came alive, our factory that was producing our clothes shut down secondary to the first lockdown. Our garments were still not finished, so obviously we were unable to launch our shop!
The obvious option was to postpone the launch, but when to re-launch was the next question? Factories might re-open in May or June, but would we like to launch when most of the Spring Summer season was gone? And that too under lockdown, people still getting accustomed to the new way of life? We didn't think it was the best option. 

Re-launch 2021

Hoping for the best in 2021, we decided to launch our collection this year.
And what's more, we decided to launch the same collection as SS21 for several reasons:

  • Covid had a huge impact on businesses big and small. Financial pressures were higher than ever, many established businesses had to shut their doors. We being a small independent business, with no huge financial backing, our budget thinning out with no sales happening at all during the first planned year of launch; we couldn't possibly design, develop and produce a new collection all over again.
  • Going with our business purpose and values, we knew very well that launching the same collection, already half-produced in the factory, would be the most earth-friendly option. Imagine the resources we might have wasted in producing a new one. Plus these designs, new and never seen before, would have gone to waste? We're a slow fashion brand, and are against fast churning new collections/clothes very so often. So we found that releasing the 2020 collection as 2021 is in line with our brand ethos!
  • Our designs are timeless and not trend driven! They are fashion forward, sure, but in a way that you can keep wearing these pieces year after year!

State of Covid 19

We know, we know! Nothing much has changed in terms of the ongoing pandemic and lockdown that initially halted our operations! This wave has actually been worse than the first. But a few things still have changed:

  • We're now more acquainted with this new normal, we've slowly learnt to live with the mandatory restrictions ( still hard nevertheless).
  • Covid 19 vaccines are such a silver lining in the grey Covid cloud! However gloomy things seem right now, we do have the answer: vaccine is the only way out of frequent lockdowns. Vaccinations on a mass scale can help to protect communities from the virus and therefore ensure returning to a normal social life.

We have little control over a natural calamity but we can always do our best to minimize its negative effects.
Secondly, hope is that one thing that makes the life worth living. Hope for better days, hope that things will be soon back to normal; hope that slowly but eventually, we are going to come through the other side of it, stronger and wiser than before!

We at Romz J, are hoping and praying for a better summer 2021! We'd appreciate all the support that we could get from you guys! Stay tuned for the release of our first collection!




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